If you do not want to get lost, keep a copy of these indications. It will make your life way easier.

El Jardin Hotel & Restaurant is located four kilometers away from San Juan del Sur. We are not in the city center (which is very noisy anyway). We are on the top of a hill with a spectacular ocean view but this means too that we are not right on the beach. There is an uncrowded beach where you can swim less than 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel (down the hill basically). All other beaches are easily accessible by car, taxi or shuttle. The road to the hotel is practicable by all types of cars a long as you drive slowly.

Practical indications

When you get close from San Juan del Sur, take the paved road on your right to Maderas (you will see a sign. the road were the city hall is located). If you pass by the supermarket Pali on your left, this means that you drove to far away.

Turn right towards Maderas and follow this road which after 800 meters turns into a non paved road. Keep driving until you see our sign on your right. It is pretty visible. Turn right and start driving up the hill as far as you can go.¬†The hill road is far from perfect but practicable and you won’t regret it once you will see the view from the top.